OMSI 2 Add-On Mallorca

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Uitgever Aerosoft
Pegi-leeftijd PEGI 3
Platform PC
Genre Simulation
Activatie Steam
Releasedatum Nee
Three city bus lines, one express bus line and 33 special lines lead you through these nearly completely open cities, extensively staffed with more than 1,000 objects and buildings. The motorway MA-19 along the eastern part of the bay is also included.

Thanks to a cooperation with the local transport service EMT Palma, the modelled routes and timetables follow the original schedule data of the Palma region. For passenger transportation, the player has one solo bus and one articulated bus at his disposal. They come with true to original liveries as well as newly recorded announcements and passenger voices.

Several animations bring the scenery to life; for example, you can find cruise liners docking in the harbour and airplanes landing at Palma de Mallorca Airport.

Apart from that, the buses can not only be used on Mallorca, but are also compatible with the add-on Project Gladbeck.

- The cities of Palma, Can Pastilla, El Molinar, S’Arenal, Platja de Palma
- Four of the five cities can be driven in almost completely
- 3 city bus lines
- 1 express bus line
- 33 special lines
- Real schedule data from EMT Palma
- Including solo bus and articulated bus of the transport services
- Announcements and new voices of the passengers
- More than 1,000 objects and buildings
- Motorway MA-19 included
- Buses compatible with add-on Project Gladbeck
- Docking and departing cruise ships
- Airplanes landing at the airport
Uitgever Aerosoft
Pegi-leeftijd PEGI 3
Platform PC
Genre Simulation
Activatie Steam
Taal German (Germany), English (United States), French (France), Dutch (Netherlands)
Systeem Eisen - OMSI 2 – The Omnibus simulator min. 2.2.032 - Operating System Win 7 / 8.1 / 10 - Processor (CPU): min. 3 GHz - RAM: 4 GB or higher - Free hard disk space : 3 GB - Graphics card: at least 2 GB, DirectX 9.0c or higher - Internet connection and Steam user account required!
Releasedatum Nee